20p Roulette Review – All About the 20p Roulette Game

20p Roulette Game is all you need from a classic casino roulette title, with a traditional, even retro atmosphere you enjoy every spin of the wheel. If you like to deposit your attention into a kind of old-school casino roulette gameplay, 20p Roulette from Bit Cat Games is for you! The mechanics of 20p Roulette are both simple and captive, suitable for pro players and casino newcomers, and the RTP rate of 97.30% is satisfying enough to ensure your wins now and in a perspective.

Play 20p Roulette for Real Money

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20p Roulette Review Summary

20p Roulette from Big Cat Games is an optimal choice for those players who highly estimate receiving joy from casino gambling, and, at the same moment, know the real value of money. In addition to the nice RTP rate, betting limits from £1 to £10,000 per spin would satisfy any casino roulette fan, as well as 20p Roulette is much less demanding than some of her casino counterparts. This means, 20p Roulette is quite serious about your knowledge of the casino roulette basics, you need to know the general rules and the odds, but, mainly because of these rules, a player of 20p Roulette will have more chances than, say, in a “vanilla” American roulette with double-zero. All this is possible due to the low House (casino) edge, wide betting limits and a rich variety of inside and outside bets available. Adding here the fact that the roulette table layout is pretty classical, you will definitely feel comfortable with winning what you deserve here. And yep, 20p Roulette is a very mobile-friendly casino roulette game!

20p Roulette bet types

The bet types in 20p Roulette are closely connected with the general casino roulette table ruleset. Here the player will find one zero (a green pocket), and the possibility of making Neighbor bets (cover several pockets with one bet at the same moment which increases your payouts in case of a win). Actually, there is even a special button available for placing Neighbor bets, as well as a Return to Bet Table option, which makes the gameplay process smooth and much faster. 20p Roulette offers a casino player a huge variety of customization possibilities in an “Options” section, where any gambler can set up the game view and appearance according to his or her preferences. For more comfort, one may easily access their history of winnings, and additional handy data, useful for making further betting strategies, for example, the results of 10 previous spins of the wheel, shown directly above the roulette table. To make the gameplay even more effective, 20p Roulette by Big Cat Games provides such options as clearing the last bet, clearing all bets and repeating the last bet. Although it could seem for someone a minor function, in fact, such options really improve the entire feeling of playing this casino roulette title.

If you believe that you want to add some spice to the casino gaming process, 20p Roulette by Big Cat Games offers a Turbo Mode, which makes things really faster. We suggest trying this feature only after you become somehow experienced in the game since with Turbo Mode there is less time for a spin and to make the right betting decision!

20p Roulette Inside Bets

For a casino roulette player interested in 20p Roulette developed by Big Cat Games there is a rich variety of bets available. In fact, there are all common betting options present in classical European roulette waiting for your spin, which makes your payouts from 5:1 all the way up to 35:1. All inside bets in 20p Roulette can be managed quickly and simply thanks to clear betting boards, meaning even the newest of players can get started in no time at all. Besides, here is exactly where the 20p Roulette options come to use: with all those features as repeat bet, clear bet, turbo spinning and so forth, the gameplay process was never so exciting and compact!

20p Roulette Outside Bets

Outside bets are an excellent opportunity to take advantage of 20p Roulette as they increase your chances of winning in the casino. They involve placing bets on groupings of numbers, colors, or even high and low numbers within the game board. With outside bets, you may risk a lower amount with the potential to gain bigger rewards as opposed to ‘Inside Bets’ which require higher stakes but offer higher payouts too. And don’t forget: if luck strikes you can win big with Big Cat Games 20p Roulette! Apparently, it is a good idea to combine and vary Inside and Outside bets from time to time, elaborating your own casino roulette betting strategy or using an already existing one.

20p Roulette Payouts

20p Roulette on your PC or mobile device gives you the classic casino roulette game experience both from your web browser or via a special app. It is easy to learn these roulette game basics and enjoy the available betting possibilities to gain higher payouts. Bet on inside bets or outside – the wins will depend on your odds. With outside bets, the winning odds are higher, but payout sums are lower, and the opposite with inside bets. Place your wager at columns, dozens and corners, as well as on red/black and odd/even numbers, which will give you a different payout starting from 1:1 which is called an equal bet. There are several ways you can win in 20p Roulette: from both single-number hits to a full house of numbers within one game! With a high-quality video engine offering smooth graphics, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time spinning for hefty rewards! Get playing today with 20p Roulette from Big Cats Games and enjoy its casino payouts with a fair and decent RTP of 97.30%!

20p Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to the strong and weak sides of 20p Roulette, here is the idea. Among its pros, there is classic gameplay full of fun, wide betting limits and possibilities, a fair RTP rate, simple and mobile-friendly interface with a Turbo Play function which allows making the gameplay more dynamic. As for the cons of 20p Roulette, one can face an absence of Called Bets and, perhaps, quite straightforward graphics with no super effects. However, this aspect also ensures that 20p Roulette from Big Cat Games will be comfortable to play even on moderate devices used on the go.

Both high rollers and modest players will find that betting frames from £1 to £10,000 per spin are comfortable for a satisfying casino roulette experience when enjoying 20p Roulette.

Conclusion: Why Play Big Cat Games 20p Roulette?

Whether you are curious about how to start playing roulette games at an online casino or have already your favourite roulette title, 20p Roulette is a nice option to enhance and deepen your gambling experience. Its classical roulette layout with a bunch of handy features would not leave you disappointed anyway; it is only about choosing the correct casino to play (see our list above). Besides, casino bonuses really impact how attractive would be your roulette experience, so we kindly suggest making your own research, and studying what roulette casino will be perfect exactly for you.


In this section, you will find additional data concerning 20p Roulette, developed by Big Cat Games casino software provider.

How does 20p Roulette work?

Unveiled by casino software developer Big Cat Games, 20p Roulette is an all-new game of chance with a traditional casino roulette experience. In this game, the goal is to use varying amounts of chips to predict what number or colour the game’s wheel will land on. For each game session, players are given two options: inside and outside bets. Inside bets are pricier but with a larger payout if you’re successful, while outside bets have a lower payout but with lesser risk involved.
The game starts with the player setting up their layout on the game table – which works as a virtual roulette table in this case – making their bet of choice. After placing your wager and spinning the wheel, 20p Roulette reveals whether the player has taken home the win or not. The game ends after just one spin of the roulette wheel; if you’re successful then your chips will be added to your overall credits. If not, then it’s time to start a new round and try your luck again! What makes 20p Roulette so enjoyable is knowing there’s always something fresh each time you play; no game ever plays out quite as that last one did!

Is it worth playing 20p Roulette game with real money?

Playing 20p Roulette with real money can be a great way to experience the thrills of casino gambling without breaking the bank. Developed by Big Cat Games, this casino roulette title is designed for players who want to get maximum thrills for minimal expense. With minimal bets as low as £1 per round, each spin won’t leave your wallet empty. Playing on a standard Roulette wheel, the gameplay is true to the classic casino roulette game and fun to play. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t earn big rewards: placed correctly, clever bets can still pay off handsomely while playing a 20p Roulette game! The game is lighter on your pockets but heavy on entertainment value and generous payouts. So why not give it a try?

Where to play 20p Roulette for real money?

20p Roulette is one of the casino game classics, but with a twist that allows for lower stakes and gives even more chances to win big. If you want to give it a try and play 20p Roulette for real money, one website you should take into consideration is Big Cat Games, a casino developer and software provider. With an intuitive game interface and safe payment options, this online casino game platform stands out from other websites that offer similar games. You can pick up your bonus right off the bat and test your luck with great game offers such as 20p Roulette. Resources are not a problem to any players no matter the budget they set in advance; there’s always a game available. Additionally, we suggest considering the list of TOP casinos in January 2023 offered at the beginning of this article.

How to play 20p Roulette?

20p Roulette has been one of the most popular casino roulette experiences since its arrival on the scene and is sure to provide you with hours of engaging entertainment. As with traditional roulette games, there are several different bet types that you can choose from including red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36. You can also select up to eight numbers which means you could hit your lucky streak! Best of all you can find hot and cold numbers on game insights, so you know where to put your money. But remember; this game isn’t just about the bets; it’s also great fun! With vibrant but light graphics, multiple game speeds and smooth animations, you’ll feel like you’re right at a brick-and-mortar casino! So, stop waiting and give Big Cat Games 20p Roulette a spin now: you won’t regret it.

How to win at 20p Roulette?

Want to question your personal fortune on a game of 20p Roulette by Big Cat Games? Then you are in luck! There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you increase your chances of winning. Firstly, understand the roulette game itself. Read up on its storyline, game mechanics, and other playing methods. Secondly, play smart and don’t bet too high or low. Instead, choose bets that make sense according to the game’s dynamics. Thirdly, practice as much as possible before putting money down for real. Use free play options if available so that you can get comfortable with game mechanics and win streaks before making any real cash bets. And finally, set yourself a budget and stick to it! If you’re making a profit from playing 20p Roulette by Big Cat Games, then it is best to take a break after a while to preserve your earnings: never chase losses! With these simple steps in mind, anyone can become more successful at 20p Roulette by Big Cat Games and hopefully come out as a winner who has enjoyed an entertaining casino roulette title in the process!

Where can I play Big Cat Games 20p Roulette for free?

Some casinos from our TOP list offer the possibility to play in a free mode without risking your money. Look at our selection and choose the casino which provides players with the possibility to test 20p Roulette for free for a better understanding of the game mechanics. In fact, it is a really useful option we suggest: study the gameplay options and mechanics for free, and, perhaps, look through some demo videos, and only after try our the real gameplay with money bets. This will ensure that you will be ready for the true casino gambling experience when you feel that it is time to win with 20p Roulette.

Does 20p Roulette have player chat?

If you’re looking for a game that offers more than just an exciting game to play, then 20p Roulette from Big Cat Games is the casino roulette for you! Not only does it give players the chance to try their luck and win big, but it also includes a comprehensive chat feature which connects users so they can interact and form a sense of community. From chatting about a strategy to simply having some lighthearted fun during the game or after, the player chat allows gamers to connect with people from all corners of the world. With these features providing an enhanced experience, you definitely don’t want to miss out on 20p Roulette from Big Cat Games!