Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette Review – Overview & Top Casinos

Age of the Gods Roulette combines the classic game of European roulette with special features like progressive jackpots to give you an exciting experience. The graphics are crisp and pleasing to the eye and the sound effects are realistic. You don’t need to deposit a large amount to get started either. With great odds and flexible deposit amounts too, it’s no wonder Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette is becoming increasingly popular at top casinos worldwide!

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Age of the Gods Roulette Review Summary

Age of the Gods Roulette is an exciting casino roulette experience that truly captures the thrill of a casino game. This online version of the classic game is brought to us by Playtech, one of the leading creators of online roulette games. Using age-old techniques as well as modern technology, they have crafted a highly entertaining and rewarding product that ensures every spin keeps you on your toes. With money pulling from all directions and colorful animations creating beautiful visuals, Age of the Gods Roulette is sure to get you hooked!

This casino roulette game has a 95.73% of RTP rate and limits to bet from £1 to £1000, offering solid bonuses and progressive jackpots. The roulette game board utilizes standard betting methods for those wanting ultimate control, but for someone looking for something new, there are plenty of special features such as Hot Spots where bets win with one spin or Bet Behind where you can back up other casino roulette players. Up to four players can join in on a single game and each aspect has been designed to be user-friendly; even complete beginners should find it easy to pick up and start playing. Though Age of the Gods has a high house edge, it’s important to remember that this type of casino roulette game requires more strategy than just luck; through skilful money management, you can increase your chances of winning big. Age of the Gods boasts impressive graphics and surprisingly high wins too! Casinos often introduce special rewards through their progressive jackpots so keep an eye out for these opportunities.

Overall, this game of casino roulette brings some great traits with it while also managing to deliver a level playing field compared to other online casino games: whether you are an expert gambler or someone trying their luck for the first time, Age of the Gods Roulette delivers the joyful atmosphere like no other!

Age of the Gods Roulette bet types

Age of the Gods Roulette uses classic European rules but with a unique twist. Instead of regular numbers, it has four god-themed areas which provide enhanced payouts and exciting special bets. Moreover, Playtech has added betting strategies that can play in your favor and increase your potential winnings when playing this game. With money multipliers and bonus features for anyone who’s up for an extra thrill, Age of the Gods Roulette is sure to make you feel like a deity of roulette thyself! It offers different bet types that you can choose from such as inside bets, outside bets, call bets or hot/cold numbers. Additionally, what makes Age of the Gods Roulette stand out from other roulette games is its clear design and user-friendly interface. The two signature bonuses are awarding massive prizes up to 10,000 times your bet – making this roulette game appealing for every player! If you are feeling lucky and ready to take on some serious wagers then Age of the Gods Roulette is definitely a casino roulette game worth checking out!

Age of the Gods Roulette Inside Bets

Inside Bets are the best way for some casino players to make money and really take their roulette game to a whole other level. When it comes to Inside Bets, players are taking a chance on an individual number or a small group of numbers on the roulette board. The odds may vary depending on how many numbers you’re betting on, but overall, the payout is generally 35-1 for an inside bet. Although this may seem intimidating, the large payouts that come with Inside Bets make them worthwhile for certain players. With so many different options of Inside Bets, including Split Bet (2 numbers), Corner Bet (4 numbers), Street Bet (3 numbers) as well as Six Line Bet (6 numbers), there are plenty of ways to try out your luck in Age of the Gods Roulette. Aside from having more betting options and allowing you a chance at higher payouts, Inside Bets tends to focus more on strategy and precision to be successful: great news for serious casino roulette players wanting challenge vs. beginners just testing the waters. So, if your goal is higher stakes money and honing your skills, get playing Age of the Gods Roulette today with its generous variety of Inside Bets!

Age of the Gods Roulette Outside Bets

The Outside Bets do not target one specific number or group of roulette numbers, allowing players to have better odds than Inside Bets. Gambling sites that offer this version boast an excellent RTP – much higher than traditional bets – and low variance results across almost all rounds, making it more player-friendly for recreational gamblers who want consistent returns. Unlike Inside Bets, Outside Bets inside Age of the Gods Roulette pays out at 2-1 or 1-1 odds. Countryside border (which covers twelve consecutive numbers), Odds/Evens, and dozen bets (lower dozen; middle dozen; upper dozen) are just some of the options available for these types of bets. By combining exterior bets with interior bets you can improve not only your chances but also maximize your potential winnings during gameplay. Do yourself a favor and make first contact with Age of the Gods Roulette game!

Age of the Gods Roulette Payouts

Understanding the average return rate (%) per spin in Age of the Gods Roulette, as well as the house edge, helps casino roulette players make informed decisions about how best to use their bankroll in the game. When it comes to numbers in Age of the Gods Roulette, payouts on straight-up bets on any single number are 35:1, while split or two-number bets offer 17:1. Corner bets come in at 8:1 while column or dozen bets offer 1:2. Finally, 6-line or double street bets come in at 5:1, so provided you spin wisely these five sets of numbers can lead to some massive wins! Ultimately each roulette spin requires a combination of luck and skill in Age of the Gods Roulette; luck from Lady Fortune and knowledge from studying bets, game payout ratios and understanding when to place risky ones versus safer ones. Who knows? With this approach, you may very well spin your way to becoming an Age of the Gods Roulette winner of the game!

Age of the Gods Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone loves the thrill of spinning a casino roulette wheel, and that experience is taken to the next level with Age of the Gods Roulette from Playtech. Offered only at exclusive casinos, this exciting spin on classic casino roulette is based on four games brought together in one spin. Players who spin the wheel have a chance to pocket huge winnings when their spin unlocks the Grand Jackpot, Progressive Jackpot and Marvel jackpot prizes. The advantages of choosing Age of the Gods Roulette are many – players now have access to an increased selection of available bet options as well as multiplier bonuses which can increase winning potential up to 10x. What’s more, spinners can take advantage of two different Wilds and benefit from up to 6 random numbers in every spin of Age of the Gods Roulette! Plus, with heightened sound effects and stunning visuals this game has added energy not found in regular roulette.

There are some disadvantages when playing Age of the Gods Roulette too. Because the game is based on four roulette variants some players of Age of the Gods Roulette may find the betting options a little challenging: for instance “split” bets divided by 4 or “quad” bets split into 16 parts. Additionally, there could be a house edge present depending on which variant you spin so make sure you check for this before making your game bet. All in all, there’s no denying that Age of the Gods Roulette from Playtech brings more excitement than ever before!

Conclusion: Why Play Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette

Choosing Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette game is an exciting way to spin your luck and get a chance to win big in a game of casino roulette. Featuring stunning visuals, streamlined gameplay, and lucrative bonus features, the Age of the Gods Roulette game provides an unforgettable gambling experience with every roulette spin. This game will meet your expectations with its wide range of betting options, detailed statistic studies, and informative tutorials that allow casino players to quickly get up to speed with the game rules of play. Not only can you spin the wheel in this engaging casino roulette game but also trigger Age of Gods free spin bonus rounds when you least expect it. Win at Age of the Gods Roulette and get a taste of legendary rewards like four progressive jackpots or free spins in the game within an online casino from our list.


Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette remains veiled and you want to do something with this? Unveil this casino game with our FAQ!

What is the minimum bet on Age of the Gods Roulette?

The lowest possible bet in Age of the Gods Roulette is £1 which is pretty standard for a casino game of roulette.

What is the maximum bet on Age of the Gods Roulette?

The highest possible game bet in Age of the Gods Roulette is £1000.

How to check the honesty of the Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette online casino game?

Checking the honesty of the Age of the Gods Roulette casino game is important for those who wish to take part in this fun spin on traditional roulette. Firstly, reputable casinos are essential in ensuring that a roulette game is fair and honest, so check their review sites to make sure they have a trustworthy reputation among players. Once you have chosen an honest casino, it is important to double-check the source code of the Age of the Gods Roulette. It should clearly show how to spin mechanics are affected by external factors such as wagering, and it should also provide some form of Random Number Generator (RNG) system which fairly determines where a spin will land. Additionally, if you choose to use software-generated winnings instead of live play, there should be recordkeeping involved which authenticates each spin result and further assures you of its randomness. Finally, while playing at an online casino may never be 100% free from risk or fraud, these precautions will help protect your money from less scrupulous casino operators and give you more peace of mind as you enjoy Age of the Gods Roulette.

Is Age of the Gods Roulette good?

When it comes to choosing an online casino game, Age of the Gods Roulette is a top pick for many players. Playtech focuses heavily on innovation, so their games are never boring or stale – there’s always something new waiting for players! So, when it comes to finding an enthralling experience packed with plenty of spin opportunities as well as bonuses, Age of the Gods Roulette from Playtech is certainly worth checking out. Enjoy spinning big wins now in this casino game!

How does Age of the Gods Roulette work?

Age of the Gods Roulette is an exciting game from Playtech that combines the classic game of roulette with thrilling features and progressive jackpots. Played with a European single-zero roulette wheel, this casino game can be enjoyed in multiple formats, from mobile devices to traditional desktop platforms. The game board looks much like any other casino roulette game, but here players will notice features like Hot Zone and Age of the Gods Bonus Spins which add a layer of excitement. With the Hot Zone feature a player marks a section or ‘Hot Zone’ on the betting table that is associated with increased multipliers. If the chosen area matches up with where the ball lands on the roulette wheel special multipliers can boost their winnings drastically! On top of these great game features there is an additional jackpot game networked through all Age of the Gods Roulette games globally.

How to play Age of the Gods Roulette?

Age of the Gods Roulette from Playtech is an exciting casino game that combines the classic game of roulette with the thrilling element of a jackpot. Age of the Gods Roulette, found in many casinos all over the world, is full of entertainment, intriguing features and increasing levels of anticipation as you spin the wheel. The game mechanics are straightforward and easy to understand: First, place your bets on your desired numbers or colors. After that, just hit “spin” and watch as the virtual ball falls into one of the slots. If you’re lucky enough to guess correctly in Age of the Gods Roulette, you’ll obtain a payout: simple yet highly game rewarding!

Does Age of the Gods Roulette have a multiplayer mode?

Age of the Gods Roulette is an innovative casino game, with a unique multiplayer mode to boot. It has been designed to capture the spirit of both traditional and modern casino gambling, offering Age of the Gods Roulette players the chance to game against each other and casino in an exciting competition. It’s easy to understand how this feature has gained such popularity in online casinos.  Not only does it create a more sociable system for players of the casino roulette game, but its ability to build a virtual community makes it even more engaging and enjoyable. The mechanics being employed further enhances the experience, as understanding the different strategies and rules will help you to become a better player in Age of the Gods Roulette. By giving all players the opportunity to bet against each other, you have more control over your eventual outcome; meaning less risk and more rewards!