Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette Review – Overview & Top Casinos

Ra Roulette is a roulette game developed by Extreme Live Gaming, a leader in the industry of live casino games software. It is a solid blend of traditional roulette we all love and an elaborate betting system, all from a mythological background. Many fans love this casino roulette game a lot, and in this article, we will cover all pros and cons of Ra Roulette, whether is it really worth your deposit and what for.

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Ra Roulette Review Summary

With all its unique features and tricky betting options, Ra Roulette offers a very decent RTP rate for a player, namely 97.3% which is comfortable for any casino visitor. The betting limits are £1 as a minimum per spin and could take £1000 as a maximum. The designs of the game are someway slot-inspired, so many casino gamblers could find comfortable visual stylistics and gameplay parts. If you are afraid of spending real money in Ra Roulette because, at glance, it seems too complicated and much different from ‘traditional’ casino roulette, no worry: there are special demo videos featuring the basics and the key principles of Ra Roulette! Some casinos offer a free play mode as well, where you would not need to risk real money while taking part in the gaming action itself.

In its essence, Ra Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming is a combination of classic European casino roulette and a slot game, which adds here two layers of gambling joy at once. According to its ruleset, Ra Roulette features a table with one zero and a typical roulette wheel, with an opportunity of making final bets and call bets. Being developed by a leader in the casino gaming sphere, Ra Roulette grants the player a full set of options for customization and gaming comfort, adorable graphic and video design, and well-balanced for all systems including mobile devices to play on the go. Here a casino player could find such options as favorite bets, hot and cold numbers, detailed statistics of their betting progress, and, as a beloved feature of many roulette players, a “chat with dealer” option. This game is Live, the dealers are chatty, so all this ensures that you will immerse in a thrilling casino atmosphere, turning your wheel for big wins!

Finally, the huge advantage of Ra Roulette is its interface. It is comfortable, informative and user-friendly, which makes the entire gaming process, with all its deepness and complicity, quite an easy and handy thing to deal with! Pyramids and pharaohs, all this you will find in Ra Roulette with live casino dealers!

Ra Roulette bet types

Bet types are exactly what makes this casino game so unique! For sure, Ancient Egypt is a wonderful place for a thrilling gambling experience, but when it comes to real action, betting options are what the roulette game is made of. And here Extreme Live Gaming, the developers of Ra Roulette, made all the best to provide the casino player with the best and, one may say, tricky gameplay.

In this casino roulette title, there are special symbols used, taken from a slot game “Book of Ra”. They are featured at the roulette table as other pockets or numbers, so a player can place a bet on them and make a spin. Here are the new bet types, specifically unique for Ra Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming: Tutankhamun, Scarab, Book, Explorer, Statue, Q and K bets. All of them have different winning odds and payouts we will cover in a special section “Payouts” below.

Ra Roulette Inside Bets

For a casino player focused on Inside Bets, Ra Roulette has a full proposition to offer. To place an inside bet means to bet on numbers within the game board’s inner grid or layout. While these bets offer higher payouts (up to 17/1!), they also take longer to complete resulting in a slower game overall as each spin takes longer to finish. As always with any casino game, in Ra Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming it’s important to understand what your odds are so you can properly apply a strategy that maximizes your chances of winning. Luckily, with Ra Roulette Inside Bets your odds are already simple to calculate due to the payouts being consistent across all tables; the easiest way is simply by figuring out how much money you have and then starting from the lowest payout option until you reach your desired amount. After doing this, you can play carefully selecting inside casino bets as part of your overall gaming strategy for many paths to success within Ra Roulette!

Ra Roulette Outside Bets

Outside Bets are bets placed on the outside part of roulette boards, with 18 possible options available and payouts ranging from 1:1 for a Red or Black win, up to even 36 times when betting on 12 ‘special numbers’ called column and dozen bets. When placing Outside Bets you need strategy and consideration – it pays out less than Inside Bets, but they might have a better probability of succeeding. With this knowledge combined with correctly placed bets and calculated strategies at each game, players can have more chances to win big at Ra Roulette!

Ra Roulette Payouts

When it comes to payouts, unique for Ra Roulette bets, connected with the theme of the game, here are the stats: a bet Tutankhamun and Explorer are 80:1 (1.10%), Book and Statue are 18:01 (4.54%), Scarab and K equal 3:01 (21.90%) and, finally, the odds for a special Q-bet are 1:01 (44.92%). As for the classic bets, numbers are common: with a straight-up bet or a split bet, one can expect a 35:1 payout but when placing an inside bet such as a corner or line bet, you can win a higher 5:1 payout! There are also several other bet types available in Ra Roulette including betting on odds/evens and red/black which offer even money for winning bets. To get even bigger returns, however, feature bets such as the Final 4 bet offer greater rewards with higher risks so that you can get more out of your game. Whatever your betting preference may be, understanding the payouts and odds associated with each game type will ensure that you make smart decisions that will lead to higher wins for you!

Ra Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

Extreme Live Gaming is a professional in casino roulette software developing and service providing, so here we can expect the maximum quality. However, Ra Roulette itself is about personal preferences. Some find this casino roulette title extremely attractive and focus their gambling attention mainly on Ra Roulette, while others do not like the “slots vibe” and have no passion towards Ancient Egyptian mythology. However, even for those Ra Roulette is a casino game to try since it offers an unprecedented, concentrated and unique gaming experience. Its strong sides are simple rules (no worry about additional bet types, they are all clear enough), hot & cold features, a fun theme with a good interface and a satisfying RTP rate of 97.30%. Many can add here the slot mechanics, which really expand the game experience. Some can dispute this feature, as well as find disappointing an absence of Saved or Call Bets in Ra Roulette. Regarding its high mobile compatibility, it is not completely HD as well, so this is up to your visual tastes.

To summarize, Ra Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming, regardless of its minor flaws, is a casino roulette game to try and here we explain why.

Conclusion: Why Play Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette?

There are, at least, several reasons. If you enjoy casino roulette gaming, Ra Roulette is an experience you cannot ignore. If you like Live casino roulette and chatty dealers, here we go too. Whether you are a high or low roller, the game has bet limits to come with. If you enjoy playing in the comfort of your home or devote any free time to your favorite hobby even on the go, Ra Roulette is a casino game for you. Have ever played slots and felt it is a good idea to combine it with casino roulette? Why not, this is a reason too! And, the last but not least, and this feature is the most attractive for me personally, is the Ra Roulette theme. I do love mythology and the Ancient Egypt vibe is extremely well-fit in the game of casino roulette. Is there a Goddess of Fortune in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon or may find her first?


Ra Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming is a casino roulette to speak for hours about, so if you still have some questions here and there, you may find our observations of this immersive casino roulette game in the FAQ section.

How to win at Ra Roulette?

To become an expert in Ra Roulette, you will need to understand some effective strategies. To high up your odds of victory, begin by familiarizing yourself with the game rules and principal casino roulette strategies. It is essential to distinguish which bets are allowed, and what payouts they bring. When playing Ra Roulette, study what each symbol means since this casino roulette game has unique elements compared to classic roulette. Once familiar with Ra Roulette basics, it is time to analyze the game table. Make your debut with some minor bets on several numbers at once or choose inside bets that can potentially give higher payouts such as straight-up or split bet types. You need as well to timely monitor your budget while playing the roulette game so that you don’t overspend or go overboard with any single wagers: betting in moderation is a key to success! With patience and proper strategizing, you can certainly master Ra Roulette and be a step closer towards increasing your winnings!

Demo version of the game Ra Roulette

Before you jump in to play with real money, it’s always a good idea to test the game out. And luckily, there is a demo version available of Ra Roulette so you can do just that. Simply by trying out this game online for free, players can get familiarized with how everything works and what they can expect out of an actual play. You don’t need to risk your own funds or worry about making mistakes while learning: that means it’s the perfect way to become friends with Ra Roulette! This gives players a chance to develop strategies to use while they are playing live casino games and it helps them understand the game basics and hone their skills before making any bets with real money at an online casino. When you try out this game for fun, you effectively learn without risking anything. That way, when you feel confident enough that it’s time for real action, there won’t be any surprises ahead!

Is Ra Roulette good?

Ra Roulette combines the classic game of roulette with much-loved Ancient Egyptian mythology, making it entertaining and exciting to play. The game has an incredibly simple setup: a basic roulette wheel and betting table, as well as other elements related to the Egyptian theme such as the face of Pharaoh Ra atop the wheel. But what really makes this game stand out is the fact that when all bets have been completed, 45 magical scarab beetles appear in Pharaoh Ra’s hands which fly around the wheel’s perimeter and pick up random multipliers; meaning players can multiply their winnings significantly depending on how far down in value the beetle settled! For those who are ready for an exhilarating casino game that takes both skill and luck and spins them into one exciting game, then Ra Roulette is certainly worth giving a go!

How to check the honesty of the Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette online casino game?

When considering playing a game of Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette at an online casino, it is important to make sure that the game is honest and fair. Fortunately, there are a few ways to check the game’s legitimacy. Firstly, ask around forums and other game review sites to find out what other players’ experiences have been like with this game. Another recommendation is to investigate any reviews regarding the game from third-party websites. It’s also wise to look at the security measures that the casino has in place; make sure that it offers its customers reliable data encryption as well as firewall protection before beginning play. Lastly, if possible, visit live events or tournaments for Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette so you can get a feel for how it plays out: this will give you more insight into game fairness and randomness than anything else will. All these strategies together should be enough of an indication of whether playing Extreme Live Gaming Ra Roulette is a good move or not.

What is the maximum bet on Ra Roulette?

For those who like higher stakes, Ra Roulette has a bet top of £1000 for a spin.

What is the minimum bet on Ra Roulette?

The game begins with only £1 for a roulette spin!

Is it worth playing Ra Roulette game with real money?

Ra Roulette is aimed to give players an enhanced casino roulette experience, combining the classic game of roulette with a visually stunning interactive environment. With immersive graphics and sound, this casino roulette game brings all the tension and excitement of traditional gambling into your home. Ra Roulette game also offers several fun side bets, giving players the opportunity to win extra cash in addition to the main number selection. What’s more, Ra Roulette is easy to learn because it shares similarities to traditional online roulette; however, it also offers some unique differences that make it stand out from other games. With all these features in mind, Ra Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming is an absolute must-play for any casino game enthusiast. So, if you’re ready for a wild ride with plenty of potential wins at stake, this game is worth considering for your next visit to the casino!