Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette Review – Overview & Top Casinos

Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette is a fast-paced and exciting version of the classic casino game. It’s designed to keep players on their toes and offers 25-second spin intervals, providing a new experience each time. The speed roulette wheel runs counterclockwise, meaning deposit buttons are in the bottom left corner. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush that can help fill your pockets, look no further than one of the many casinos offering this version of the game. Enjoy an immersive roulette experience that can’t be found anywhere else!

The Best Speed Roulette Online Casinos for May 2024 

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Speed Roulette Review Summary

Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers up a unique twist on the classic casino game. This version plays out in half the time of the regular game, giving you the chance to play more games in the same amount of time and make more money. While it’s not as involved as some other versions, this fast-paced version is perfect for players who are looking for a quick game to play with friends or family. With its intuitive design, beautiful graphics, and memorable music, Speed Roulette is an entertaining way to play to win some extra cash. Whether you’re new to online casinos or a seasoned pro, this version of roulette has something for everyone – it’s easy to learn the rules so you can enjoy your favorite casino roulette title with confidence! Take the plunge and try it now!

Speed Roulette bet types

Speed Roulette offers a high-paced casino gaming experience for players who prefer dynamic action in the game of roulette. Perfect for the experienced player or those looking for a thrilling new way to spin the roulette wheel, the Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers an array of betting options and features that you simply won’t find in regular casino roulette. Players can choose from Inside and Outside Bets, Column Bets, Dozen Bets, Odd or Even bets, and more – offering potential payout ratios of up to 37x! With rapid spins and realistic advanced camera technologies, the Speed Roulette is a perfect way to up your excitement levels.

Speed Roulette Inside Bets

If casino gaming is your forte, you’ll love Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming. This exciting casino game is the perfect blend of traditional roulette and action-packed speed casino play. Inside bets can be used to place bets on a certain number (pocket) quickly and easily to further enliven gameplay. The maximum bet is limited but there are more than enough wagering options to keep any casino game player having a blast. Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers an amazing roulette experience that no player should miss out on!

Speed Roulette Outside Bets

While looking for casino thrills, Speed Roulette developed by Evolution Gaming is sure to provide the excitement. As its name implies, this roulette game plays at a faster pace with ball spin times of just 25 seconds so you can fit more rounds into your casino experience. Outside bets such as red/black and odd/even also offer less risk and a wider range of odds. With Speed Roulette, outside bet fans have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite casino game faster and see quick rewards. Spin the wheel and test your luck today!

Speed Roulette Payouts

Due to the higher speed and the enhanced game dynamics, when it comes to payouts, it can be inferred that they are bigger here because the pace is faster. The more you can bet, the more you can win, that’s simple. If you are looking for casino gambling that packs some speed, then Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming is exactly for you! With its classic roulette style but turbocharged gameplay, you can get far more rounds in an hour! Not only does this casino offer exciting thrills at a rapid pace, but they also bring with them a great chance of winning larger rewards. Payouts are up to 36x the stake and with only 2 pockets marked zero, the odds are higher than other casino classics. Therefore, if you are feeling lucky and ready for some serious casino action, then sit down at Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming and try your hand for the best chances of success!

Without jokes, playing Speed Roulette in a casino online can be a fun game if you know the odds and payouts. And if you want to make your gambling process more exciting, it never hurts to increase your chances of winning and make your payouts even bigger than before. To begin with, familiarize yourself with Speed Roulette mechanics (yes, they are really different from what you have already tasted in the game of casino roulette!) and learn which bets offer better odds. Observe how other players make their moves, take notes, and try to come up with ways to win. You should also know the game’s house edge, as this will tell you which bets have better returns over time (in Speed Roulette the house edge is 2.70% which is a nice number for casino players, and not high enough and comfortable for long runs). If betting on one number or small groups of numbers isn’t really your style, try using strategies like Martingale and Reverse Martingale where you double after each loss or reverse the process when winning. Consider setting an “upper limit” for yourself as well so that you don’t blow through your bankroll too quickly. Finally, if luck seems to be evading you at one table, move on and switch tables; sometimes freshening things up can spur on some positive enthusiasm! There are lots of options for making your casino roulette game more interesting and increasing those payouts: keep these tips in mind while playing Speed Roulette at a casino online to get the most out of each game!

Speed Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

Speed Roulette by casino giant Evolution Gaming is an exciting, limited-time roulette title for adrenaline junkies looking to shake up their gameplay. Players are shown a condensed version of their favorite casino roulette experience; the unique aspect of this innovation lies in the 25-second window it gives gamers to make their choice. With every round lasting up to 25 seconds, Speed Roulette ups the ante and requires players to make decisions quickly: it is perfect for those who like taking risks or building strategies around speed. As great as it sounds, there are some pros and cons to consider when playing Speed Roulette with Evolution Gaming. On one hand, the intense adrenaline rush that comes with the driving speed of each round can be enticing, while some may find it hard to switch their casino mindset into high-speed gear so quickly. While others might enjoy being on the edge of their seat throughout each round, some may get overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. No matter what your opinion is on Speed Roulette from Evolution Gaming, it’s worth a try!

Conclusion: Why Play Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette?

Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette has been popular among casino players since its debut. The game features lightning-fast gameplay, improved visuals and sound effects, a wide range of betting options, and additional features as a bonus. Even better, this casino roulette title is monitored by certified Evolution Gaming staff who ensure you get the best experience possible. All these features make Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette a great choice for the casino gamblers all over the world. Plus, playing against real-world players adds a whole new level of excitement that can’t be found anywhere else. We mean… What are you still waiting for if you like speedy actions? Get ready to experience this casino game with Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette!


Some serious questions require sincere answers, and you may find them here. Speed Roulette is not a casino game you can ignore in terms of its details, since knowing those nuances greatly impact your winning chances. Remember, your time for a single spin is limited and you need to be fast in your decisions!

What is the Speed Roulette RTP?

Evolution Gaming is well-known for developing high-quality casino titles and Speed Roulette has kept up that reputation. Released in 2017, it quickly became one of the most popular roulette games from the studio due to its fast speed and great RTP rate of 97.30%. The game lives up to its name because rounds are over in 25 seconds flat – perfect for those who love an adrenaline rush! With Evolution Gaming being trusted as an established and reliable game provider, you can feel secure playing Speed Roulette with real money in pursuit of jackpot wins.

How does Speed Roulette work?

This casino roulette game features the same layout, wheel, and gaming experience as classic roulette, but with half the time to play. Whereas traditional roulette usually has a game lasting between 55-75 seconds, Speed Roulette aims to get this game time down to 25 seconds by eliminating betting time between rounds. While you still could bet on colors, even numerals, odd numerals and more; with Speed Roulette, you would not be wasting any time waiting for your bet to be placed as the game moves rapidly through most of its stages. All of this makes Speed Roulette an accessible and exciting casino game as ever before!
Playing Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a totally different experience even if you are an expert in the field of casino roulette. This game provides a much faster game experience than the traditional game, where every spin is only 25 seconds. Yes, we underlined this several times, but you should feel personally, HOW FAST it is! Here is where the name of this casino roulette title comes from. The upbeat rhythm of the game, as well as the unique presentation and mechanics of the roulette game, make it a memorable one for all casino players. One of the main positives of Speed Roulette, compared to more standard casino games, is that it holds your attention better. As the timing of each séance is much shorter than regular roulette, you don’t have those moments along waiting where you lose focus and wander off mentally. In Speed Roulette, you will find yourself in an engaging battle with Lady Luck round after round. With a lesser risk of making errors due to distraction as well as huge potential wins in a short amount of time, this casino game type grants players many advantages and thrills. However, some players might feel that playing such a fast-paced game takes away some of the luxurious thoughts and behaviors that come with going to a live casino for them. Overall, though, Speed Roulette made by Evolution Gaming provides an exhilarating twist on classic casino games and meets the needs of all types of players thanks to its perfect balance between risk and reward while still maintaining relationships within their budget limits!

How to play Speed Roulette?

In Speed Roulette, quickness is what separates it from traditional casino roulette. The game still takes place in real-time but with all the work already done, you have more time to sit back and enjoy the game. You’ll never miss another spin as bets and results are determined within 25 seconds of each round giving you the chance to enjoy quick consecutive matches and seamless gaming. And best of all – the Speed Roulette won’t get old with excitement coming from unpredictability during every round. Join the game today, choose your casino, and experience lightning-fast Speed Roulette action at its best!

Where can I play Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette for free?

If you are not sure about your desire to be so fast in playing Speed Roulette, you could look at some videos about this casino game. However, as it is known, always is much better to try the action yourself than to listen to the experience of others. For this, Evolution Gaming offers a free version of their casino roulette title which can be played with no real money. It is a great chance to grasp the principles of the game, immerse in its details and outline your betting strategies before doing a real journey in the world of casino gambling via your favorite Speed Roulette (yes, it will become your choice when you try a demo mode!).

What is the maximum bet on Speed Roulette?

Depending on a given casino, the maximum betting limit for a spin can reach up to 10.000 euros. This option, in addition to the faster gaming process, turns out Speed Roulette a huge money gambling game in case if you know what to do and if you are beloved by the Lady Fortune!

What is the minimum bet on Speed Roulette?

However, if high risks are not the thing you want to deal with in this roulette game, many casinos offer their players minimum betting limits of 50 cents, and some even could propose 10 cents as the lowest cap for a single spin! With such a game preset, you could easily try your favorite Speed Roulette being sure that you would not risk overspending the money amount you have planned for a given séance of the game. Our experts advise combining small bets with bigger ones, depending on your chosen betting strategy: there are some progressive and regressive systems of putting a bet, so it is really worth studying what are they all about before visiting the casino. And sure, always remember: no strategy will be 100% effective since casino roulette is a game of luck!