Privacy Policy

Before using our Website and information, it is important to study this section. Herein for our service, we use terms such as “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Privacy Policy”, or, briefly, “Policy”. By visiting our Website and using the data you find here, you admit that you agree to our Policy.

Age restrictions and terms

The Website is proposed for individuals who are 18 years of age or more. If you are below this age, you can not use our Website. Keep in mind the legal age may differ in your particular jurisdiction.

Personal Data that we collect

While agreeing to our Policy, you may voluntarily provide your personal data, such as an email for registration. 

Additionally, some data will be collected automatically, this includes information about the date of visiting the Website and IP address, times and frequency of reading our Website, and how you interact with its functions and pages. To analyse your patterns and preferences, we use browser cookies.

By collecting your data, we develop our content strategy and improve the customers’ service.

Your rights

Whenever you want, you could ask us for deleting your personal information by doing a request.

In case of any questions, you can contact us and ask about how your personal data is been used (disclosed or not for specific purposes, saved or shared with third parties and so forth).

Be sure that when it comes to your privacy rights, the Website does not discriminate against you.

You can ask to alter or correct any data you provide us if it becomes no longer accurate and actual.

You are legally permitted to demand for your data not be shared with third parties in a request.

Some details about Cookies

The Website deals with cookies for a number of reasons. Mainly, they help to track and interpret consumer behaviour for further optimisation of the Website. 

We use the collected data from cookies for Google Analytics analysis, which gives a useful insight into the website traffic and visitors’ search patterns and interests. Important! Data used by Google Analytics is non-identifiable, which means, it does not help in any way to identify you. For instance, visiting accounts are aggregated and assigned an anonymous ID, which means complete fairness and safety for each party involved. However, you still can ask Google to stop tracking: or precisely set up how and when the cookies are used. All common browsers usually have “Preferences,” “Options,” or “Settings”, where you can manage the cookies in an easy and clear way