The Best Playtech Roulette Casinos: Software Rating and Game Selection

Being established in 1999 in Estonia, Playtech is a pioneer in the field of online casino gaming, operating in more than 30 countries and managing about a thousand games. Our software is widely used in a number of casinos offering the game of roulette live, among them: Mansion Casino, William Hill Casino, Casino Com, Ladbrokes, Gala Casino, Paddypower Casino, BGO Casino. For those who are especially interested in roulette online, we offer more than forty versions of the game, proposing both a classic and exclusive gaming experience!

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Which Are the Best Playtech Roulette Games?

Our team has studied the rich collection of roulette casino games offered by Playtech and selected 18 of them for your revision. If you have a deposit and account in the online casino, mentioned in this Guide, you may freely access one of these roulette games, as well as other RNG games, enjoying them from your favorite place online!

Playtech Roulette Games – Best RNG Games

Planning to play an RNG (Random Number Generator) game? Playtech is a perfect platform, whether you sit at home from your PC or enjoy the spin of the wheel on the go! Here are our top 18 roulette games you may find in a Playtech-operated casino.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

While having a standard oval roulette wheel, this version of the game is best known for its unique peculiarities, one of which is an expanded betting system with the possibility to bet on five differently colored diamonds. These bets may multiply your stake up to 1000 times, including such bets as x40, x60 and x250. The RTP rate is 96.19%. Totally there are 105 betting options, which are perfectly presented due to the fancy table and flexible camera options, including “Quick Bets”, “Lucky Numbers”, and a very comfortable “Auto Zoom” feature.

3D Roulette

With an RTP rate of 97.3% and limits between 0.50£ and 3000£, the 3D version of roulette is a fine option for a connoisseur due to its interface and smooth game options, affordable with Playtech software. Concerning the gameplay, it can be called “classic”, with usual inside and outside bets. The advantage of the game is its visual side, which makes this version of roulette a bit more demandable for software. Generally, among the strong points of 3D roulette, there are Simple Interface, Auto Function, Fun Gameplay, Flexible Table Limits, 3D Graphics and Call Bets. The disadvantages are minor: no Saved Bets and slightly heavier graphics.

This version of the roulette game is also available in free mode, so you can play it with no fear for your money!

Age of the Gods Roulette

First, about the numbers. With a standard European wheel, red and black colors, one zero and pockets from 1 to 36, the Age of Gods roulette appear at a glance to be an ordinary version of the game. However, do not hurry to make your judgement, and we strongly recommend you try the demo version of the game before going to play it for real money. Most of the casinos propose on their site a free demo option of the roulette, guiding videos and a game simulator which will help you to understand the idea.

Maximum bets vary from 50£ to 1000£ which is a nice option for most gamers. Age of Gods roulette has its special jackpot of 100.000£ for those who are careful about their strategies, so be sure to think about elaborating your own betting system! With no Saved and Called Bets, this roulette game, however, is extremely popular for its excellent graphic design and flexible bet limits. Are you ready to discover the will of the Gods? Then spin the wheel!

Classic Roulette

Playtech is an ideal provider of classic roulette games. With an RTP rate of 97.30%, Mansion Casino and Ladbrokes are our top choice for roulette players. Whether you are new to the game of roulette or already become familiar with the wheel, the classic is always classical. This version of the game uses a European roulette wheel, proposes all necessary bets and can be played in a casino, operated by Playtech service. Be sure to study their bonus programs to discover the perfect option for yourself and enjoy the game process! 

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

Although the betting limits between 1£ and 50£ do not seem very flexible, there are certain advantages, which feature the Dragon Jackpot roulette, such as high RTP (98.30%), due to the unique betting system. Before playing Dragon Jackpot by Playtech, consider trying the free demo version to understand how such options as “Rebet”, “Bonus Bet”, Double&Spin”, Rebet&Spin” work. There are four available jackpots, which could bring a player a win up to 60.000£.

Hence, if you are not a high roller, but a player who understands the Dragon Jackpot betting system, this roulette game can be a curious option for money gains, regarding casino bonuses. And dragons! Dragons are cool being hot!

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Known for its multipliers (so-called “Fire Numbers”, from 5 to 10, selected randomly), this is a unique Playtech casino roulette game giving a possibility to win up to 10.000x for a spin. Add here bonus games, fixed jackpots and the possibility to customize and save your bets, and here is the reason for the game’s high popularity.

Mini Roulette

Perfect option for mobile gamers. The pro and contra are the same: lower number of slots (13) on the roulette wheel. Such roulette is easier to play, more dynamic and immersive, but in a long run, the House Edge is better than other roulette versions. A nice option for those who prefer fast runs, but if you are playing roulette regularly, perhaps, it is better to combine Mini roulette with other variants of this casino game.

NewAR Roulette

The RTP rate of 97.30% is not the highest, but it is not the distinctive feature of this roulette game version. NewAR roulette is mainly known for its additional bets: Even + Red/0 (covers all even red numbers and the green zero) and Odd + Black/0 bet (covers all odd black numbers and the green zero). Additionally, NewAR roulette provides an option of Saved Bets and Called Bets, which increase the player chances. The only petty disadvantage is that the gameplay is… very classic. If you seek totally new emotions, perhaps, this version of roulette is a bit ordinary, but if you are a supporter of the classic gaming process, it is a definite choice to try!

Penny Roulette

If you are ready to deal with low bets, enjoy simple but immersive gameplay, and feel okay with RTP rate of 97.3%, Penny roulette is for you. If you know the rules of European roulette, this game will not be difficult to play, so you don’t need to grasp any additional principles of wheel spinning. Mobile Friendly, with low betting limits and perfect 3D design, simple user-friendly interface, Penny roulette is a nice choice unless you do not seek any specific features in the gameplay.

Pinball Roulette

Although, this game is played according to the rules of European roulette, at the first glance it does not even resemble a roulette game at all! This is because of the unusual layout and game interface, which means that instead of the roulette wheel, the ball lands in a pocket, bouncing through the obstacles like in the game of pinball. Well, this could be called the main feature, isn’t it? Quiet straightforward gameplay with excellent graphics, a relatively high RTP rate (97.30%), a mobile-friendly interface, and exciting casino bonuses – all this makes Pinball roulette the game you should definitely try!

Premium European Roulette

Already spent days playing casino roulette? Then, perhaps, you are already familiar with the rules of European roulette. Its premium version made by Playtech has all the distinctive features which we enjoy in the roulette gameplay, as well as a nice RTP rate of 97.3%. Intuitive design, traditional betting system, customizable layout – all this makes Premium European roulette a casino game which can be played with the same excitement for ages! Sure, if you are not a high roller – perhaps, the top limit of 500£ for a spin could seem annoying sometimes!

Premium French Roulette

Among the mentioned casino roulette game versions, this one provides the highest RTP rate for the player, 98.65%. If you are ready to study the difference in the different table layout and figure out the meaning of La Partage Rule, French roulette is a choice for you. Well, if this version of the game provides the best chances of winning, isn’t it enough to try?

Premium Roulette Pro

Playtech license for roulette covers a variety of game versions, and Premium Pro is one to closely look at. While using a European roulette wheel, the Premium version provides a player incredibly great interface, premium graphics, vast and flexible customization options, high RTP, and various betting options. If you already tried European roulette and enjoy its rules, but seek a slightly different experience, take a look at Premium Pro roulette.

Quantum Roulette

One of the oldest Playtech roulette games, this version is still popular for its multiplier payouts. While using a European game layout, several numbers are selected randomly before a new round starts and a multiplier value (up to 500x) is assigned to each of them giving a significant payout in case of winning. Because of the multipliers, the highest available casino payout is set the maximum to 29:1 with chances from 50x to 500x for each spin.

Speed Roulette

If you believe that roulette is a game for you, but its gameplay is too slow, try Playtech Speed roulette, based on a European wheel with one zero. Each round takes only eleven seconds, which makes the gameplay faster by 25%. To keep up the dynamics, there is a special feature present, called a “Bet Creator”, which allows a player to create, save and repeat bets for faster gambling.

Spread Bet Roulette

The game has an additional golden inner wheel with more numbers (up to 72), based on European roulette rules. Additional numbers expand your betting options due to this “inside wheel”, so you can spread your bets between all numbers from 34 to 54 with a payout up to 400:1. Spread Bet roulette is comfortable for low-rollers (limits from 0.10£ to 100£ for a spin).

Video Roulette

This unique version of casino roulette is known for two key features: the highest RTP rate (98.65%) with wide betting limits, up to 250.000£ for s spin. The high winning rates relate to using the La Partage rule, known from French roulette, as well as with Low House Edge and detailed statistics allowing a player to think about one’s strategy. Why is it called Video roulette? Sure, because of Top-Quality graphics!

If you want to win in a fancy way, being deeply immersed in the game process, Video roulette is a top choice for you!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette

If you seek for unique roulette experience, try this game, based on the related TV show. Bonus games, multiplier payouts, European wheel, an “instant prize” option with attractive mini-games based on answering questions (like in the TV show) – all these are lovely features.

This Playtech roulette is launched in 2021, and if you like to make your game experience unique, you should have a try.

Company Information and Credentials

Established in 1999, today, Playtech as a platform operates more than a thousand games online, including RNG and 40+ versions of the roulette game.

We propose a set of unique features, as well as a classic roulette gaming experience and work with a majority of UK online casinos, as well as in 30 other jurisdictions.

Playtech is a licensed platform and a reputable part of the gaming industry, a winner of the Global Gaming Awards in 2016.

Company:Playtech PLC
Headquarters:Ground Floor St George’s Court Upper Church Street. Douglas. Isle of Man
Year Founded:1999
AwardsIndustry Supplier’ Global Gaming Awards 2016; EGR Platform of the Year
Email[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 1624 645999
Licence Number:38516


Briefly, what is Playtech in terms of the roulette game?

Is Playtech a trustworthy developer?

For more than twenty years presented on the RNG market with hundreds of successful projects – yes, Playtech is a trustworthy developer.

Are All Playtech Games Mobile Compatible?

You can play them for free from your mobile in a demo mode or for money if you registered on the casino site or app.

How to play Playtech?

Well, this is the platform for roulette game in an online casino. Register, spin the wheel, and count the gains!

What’s the Highest RTP of Playtech Roulettes?

The highest RTP is about 98.65 in a variety of roulette games, among them Video Roulette and Premium French Roulette.

Can I play Playtech roulette with bonuses?

Playtech is a platform used by a variety of casinos, each with its own promotion system. You can play with bonuses, but be sure to study the promotion system of a given online casino.