Double Ball Roulette Review – All About the Double Ball Roulette Game

Double Ball Roulette is a perfect game for casino gamblers to expand their deposit since this casino roulette title is perfectly set for big wins. The Double Ball feature increases the gamer’s winning odds, while the high RTP rate and wide betting limits (between £0.25 and £2000) captivate the minds of all roulette fans. Felt Gaming made a decent casino roulette product double required to be tried because of its thrilling roulette game experience!

Play Double Ball Roulette for Real Money

950% UP TO £7000
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300% UP TO £1200

Double Ball Roulette Review Summary

To familiarize oneself better with Double Ball Roulette we suggest trying the free demo of this casino game first. Here you do not need to risk with your real money whilst you still practice the main features of this casino roulette game. Believe me, there are a lot of them! With the demo version of the game available online in a casino, you will understand where to start and why Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming is a so popular title among casino roulette players.

Double Ball Roulette bet types

At glance, Double Ball Roulette introduced by Felt Gaming resembles classical European Roulette with all its rules and betting options. With one single zero in Double Ball Roulette you will find what you have not ever expected before from the casino roulette game: two balls! Important notice here: to win by placing an inside bet, only one of the two balls must hit the chosen number. For outside bets in Double Ball Roulette, however, it is about two balls which need to reach the winning pockets to bring the payout.

In fact, Double Ball Roulette offers plenty of possibilities tied to its key feature: the two roulette balls. With all the available Inside and Outside casino betting options you will see in traditional European roulette, Double Roulette from Felt Gaming features two additional pockets to bet on. Not only this: here you can even bet on a possibility when two balls land at one pocket! When one ball will reach its destination, you already receive a nice payout of 35 to 1, but if both of the balls find their correct place, your payout equals “jackpotish” 1200 to 1! Sure, it is all about statistics and chances to find both balls in one set are vague, but… Is not that a reason to give Double Ball Roulette a try!?

Double Ball Roulette Inside Bets

Inside bets are particularly thrilling in the casino game Double Ball Roulette because they come with quite favorable odds. The game presents inside bet types like Straight Up bets, Street or Line Bets and Corner Bets – just like traditional roulette. Each one will pay out various amounts depending on your particular combination; for instance, if you place a Straight Up bet in Double Ball Roulette and both balls land on the exact same number then you’ll be feeling pretty satisfied! They’re also more complicated wagers such as Five Number Bets, Split Bets and Six Number Bets which have different casino winning odds attached to them too. However – no matter what type of inside bet you make – the game still offers potential payouts of up to 11:1, making Double Ball Roulette an especially attractive option for many casino gamblers around the world. So, why not take to the casino floor and give this game a shot? With its potentially lucrative odds, it could be well worth your while!

Double Ball Roulette Outside Bets

Common outside bets found in the casino game Double Ball Roulette consist of bets on red or black, odd or even numbers, dozen bets (on numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36) and column bets (on any of 12 columns). These kinds of bets have a 2:1 payout ratio with an exception where column payouts increase to 3:1 if the player wins at both columns. Even though inside casino bets offer a better chance of winning owing to their less probability barometer, experienced players in Double Ball Roulette chose outside bets through their understanding of the game’s basic odds and catching the game better. Outside Bets in Double Ball Roulette can be decided completely depending upon the level of risk-taking ability respected mostly by casino roulette veterans however the newcomers will have numerous strategies built along this line called tactical shifting between inside and outside bets without expecting much higher profits. This way casino roulette players are ensuring micro movements coupled with low risks and do not move whole bankroll gameplay out of balance too quickly thus allowing fruitful gameplay sessions in Double Ball Roulette extending into multiple casino rounds.

Double Ball Roulette Payouts

Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming is a fun and exciting casino game. It can offer large payouts with particularly favorable luck, so it is important to understand Double Ball Roulette, its odds and payouts, and betting strategies that can help you win big in the casino. Firstly, these bets have favourable odds for the gambler as compared to traditional single-ball roulette with only one zero pockets on the wheel for increased chances of success. Each game round in Double Ball Roulette requires two balls to land in separate pockets which both must add up to a certain number in order for the game to be won: this means great chances at getting double wins in the casino! Unlike other forms of roulette, Double Ball Roulette employs three types of bet selection including square (pairs of two numbers), street (3-in-a-row) and split (2 halves of a row each containing 3 numbers). These casino bets can increase your chances of larger payouts. Additionally, Double Ball Roulette features such as multipliers offer even greater prizes when they land on your winning bet. To increase your likelihood of profiting from Double Ball Roulette, make sure you are aware of the game features available such as bonus spins and multipliers, practice some tried and true betting strategies like Martingale or D’Alembert systems, choose low house edges bets like Outside Bets for basics or Inside Bets for experts: all these fine-tuned techniques will give you an advantage as you strive for bigger prizes in Double Ball Roulette by Felt Gaming!

Double Ball Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

There is a saying: “Not everything is ideal under the Sun”, and even Double Ball Roulette can be considered a casino game with pros and cons. Let’s start with the first aspect. The strong side of this casino roulette game is its features, ruleset, gaming layout, RTP rate and visuals. Double Ball Roulette is mobile-friendly as well and can be found in a majority of the top casinos we mentioned. As for the downsets, this casino roulette game cannot be recommended for green beginners, since the double roulette feature and other additional game options are not common thing in casino roulette and can misguide the newbies. Or not? Anyway, it is an interesting try! One small flaw is an absence of special visual and audio effects as well. Here is also a relatively poor customization system of options so it will be difficult to set up something according to one’s preferences, but the game’s default view is okay too.

Conclusion: Why Play Felt Gaming Double Ball Roulette?

The main reason to play Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming is… the double ball! Are you surprised? If yes, read closely our article and calculate, how the double ball impacts the game. Add here other features and the picture will be complete: we play Double Ball Roulette because it is a unique combination of fair traditional casino roulette ruleset with gamer-friendly innovative solutions. And keep in mind the jackpot of 1200:1, it is an impressive number!


It can be inferred that Double Ball Roulette requires a Double FAQ section, but here we offer you only one, but detailed and descriptive.

What is Double Ball Roulette?

Felt Gaming Double Ball Roulette is one of the hottest casino game releases in recent years. Players get to enjoy a game with intense action and huge prize potential: it is perfect for those seeking a thrilling gaming experience! The game offers players lots of options to win, including double ball adds-on, progressive jackpots and side bets. The game board features two roulette balls with colorful numbers spinning around them and up to 36 players can bet at once on the game board. Moreover, Felt Gaming has made it even easier for players by providing a series of “auto-play” features that allow them to set their wagers and not worry about having to manually place every single one. With its great looks and awesome game mechanics, it’s no wonder why Felt Gaming Double Ball Roulette is quickly becoming a choice game for players worldwide!

What is the Double Ball Roulette RTP?

The RTP rate of Double Ball Roulette is 97.30% which is considered a nice number.

What are the best Double Ball Roulette online casinos?

In addition to the gaming resources mentioned in the beginning, you can try Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming in NetBet, Party Casino, Casino Cruise, Grosvenor Casino, and William Hill Casino – they may have different bonus systems and bet limits.

How does Double Ball Roulette work?

Double Ball Roulette from Felt Gaming is a game for those seeking a mix of traditional roulette gameplay with a unique twist at the casino. Offering an innovative game format, players are presented with two balls gradually working their way around the wheel while they make their bets in anticipation of where they may land. Like traditional roulette, players have several betting options that include betting up to five number selections and selecting either red or black as well as odd or even numbers. The game also offers what’s called double bonus gameplay featuring an additional bonus bet that can increase the payouts and chances of winning significantly. Players taking advantage of this addition have an extra chance to win more money if both balls land in the same pocket. With its classic gameplay set in a modern and vibrant environment thanks to Felt Gaming, Double Ball Roulette provides players with the ultimate combination for gambling fun!

How to win at Double Ball Roulette?

Winning at Double Ball Roulette can be an exciting game of luck and strategy. To be successful, it helps to understand roulette and its rules. The game is like traditional casino roulette with two balls instead of one. Players must place their bets on a single number, two adjacent numbers, or various other possible combinations of numbers. Winning occurs when both balls land in the chosen bet or within a designated group of winning numbers. To maximize your chances for success, it’s important for players to think strategically about the game to increase their profits. Start by familiarizing yourself with the game, its rules, and betting possibilities. When placing a bet, analyze if you are more likely to win if you make an outside bet or if putting money on one of the single number spots is a better investment. As you grow comfortable with the game, experiment with different roulette strategies and techniques such as playing multiple chips simultaneously to increase your odds of winning with each spin. Once you have understood the basics, play accordingly so that you have more fun and success when enjoying Double Ball Roulette at your casino!

Demo version of the game Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette combines the edge of casino roulette with strategy, creating a game that can be as thrilling as it is rewarding. But what really sets this game apart is the demo version which fans can take advantage of. This not only offers a great way to get familiar with the game but also allows players to try different strategies without risk and concerns. With a Double Ball Roulette demo game, you can work on your strategies and hone your skills until you’re comfortable enough to switch over to real money play – where bigger wins can happen! Demo versions of games like this are particularly important for those who have never played before and want to learn more about the casino roulette game mechanics or don’t have lots of cash to bet risk-free. By trying out the game first in its demo form, you’ll be able to gain experience and confidence at your own pace – all before investing anything into the game itself. So, if you’re looking for an exciting new game to enjoy from home with potentially big rewards, look at Double Ball Roulette!

Does Double Ball Roulette have player chat?

Chatting with fellow players is an incredibly important game feature of Double Ball Roulette, as it brings a unique community feeling to the roulette game which can make all the difference in terms of both enjoyment and understanding. It creates a special kind of atmosphere which allows players to discuss strategy as well as share their successes or talk about losses that occur during gameplay. This type of communication also helps players take a break from the game and simply socialize with their game buddies, allowing for friendships to form within the game environment. Not to mention, with everyone discussing game strategies and tips, it leads to faster learning and more trust between different players.
With chats being real-time conversations, the game moves faster and becomes even more interactive than just playing against a computer program or dealer. Plus, there’s the less waiting time before another round begins since everyone’s input is needed for roulette play! On top of that emotional aspect of chatting directly with other players does add a certain something as you’ll be experiencing joys as well as sorrows alongside one another. This helps create an unprecedented casino gaming experience that adds depth to anyone’s gaming career.
In conclusion, when it comes to Double Ball Roulette, having a chat option is an incredibly important game feature that can level up your gameplay experience! You can deepen your understanding by talking with like-minded people; enjoy commiserating each other when luck isn’t on your side; bask in triumph together when fortune decides otherwise.