Lightning Roulette Review – All About the Evolution Gaming

Lightning Roulette made by Evolution Gaming is a live casino roulette title, a game for those who highly estimate enjoying intense roulette tricks and strategies with an immersive atmosphere guaranteed by high-quality video and audio effects, as well as a live dealer. This casino roulette game adds a special random number to deal with in making your bets in Lightning Roulette, which can lead to more interesting payouts and thrilling spins for your deposit.

Play Lightning Roulette for Real Money

950% UP TO £7000
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Lightning Roulette Review Summary

To sum up, Lightning Roulette of Evolution Gaming is a live roulette, a game played in an online casino, with limits from £0.20 to £10,000 for a bet and a modest house edge of 2.70% which means that the RTP rate of Lightning Roulette is 97.30% and suits most of the casino players. Add here additional numbers of betting options which increase your payouts as multipliers, so it comes to huge amounts of money when you are on the lucky side! We suggest you take a look first at the demo video of Lightning Roulette available online since it gives a good insight into the gameplay process of this casino roulette title and underlines its key features. Also, some casinos grant free access to the game where you do not need to play Lightning Roulette for real money but can study its main features before doing serious business with live dealers and bets. The demo serves a good role as well to show the atmosphere of the game for the player, which is attractive indeed and needs to be tested personally. Lightning Roulette offers a typical roulette wheel with black and red numbers (from 1 to 36), with a special zero pocket, which means that all European Roulette bets are present in Lightning Roulette as well. However, because of the mentioned random lucky numbers, the multipliers can boost your wins from x50 to x500 for a spin. It works when you have placed your Straight-up bet right on that number and guessed it correctly. Non-multiplied bets in Lightning Roulette usually have odds of 30:1, by the time that other classical roulette bets, such as dozens, black/red bets, splits, corners, etc., have the same value as in traditional casino roulette.

Evolution Gaming is proud to be named a leading casino software developer company and its games are always easy and comfortable to play. Same thing with Lightning Roulette and live casino platforms to play this game: all work perfectly both on your PC or mobile devices, from your home or on the go. This roulette game is well-optimized and balanced, tested and certified by gambling authorities worldwide and in the UK. You may play Lightning Roulette by downloading a special app or directly from your browser while visiting the online casino and choosing there your required roulette game title.

Lightning Roulette bet types

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers its players all classical European casino roulette bets and wagering options with comfortable and informative statistics. In Lightning Roulette one can find all that we love the roulette game for: bets on a certain field of numbers (1-18/19-36 bets), on dozens, on colors (red or black), additionally to Column, Line, Corner, Split and Straight Up. As for the bet limits, all players can find which suits them the most according to a given casino. The wager begins with 20 pounds and can rich up to £100 and £10,000 depending on a casino and its multipliers.

But sure, it is only the beginning of a roulette game to play! In Lightning Roulette, you will find also racetrack bets and elements of French casino roulette, so it is possible to place your wager at Voisins du Zero, Jeu Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins a Cheval, alongside Final and Complete bets. There is a very cozy option to save your favorite bets and quickly access them when you need them. 

Lightning Roulette Inside Bets

Lightning Roulette is an incredible casino game where inside bets play a key role in providing a player with increased chances of hitting the jackpot. In this casino title, the traditional game of Roulette is given a modern twist, by adding game-changing multipliers that can go up to 500 times your initial bet win. Inside bets refer to betting on each number individually, or in small groups of as little as five numbers. The winning odds for these bets will depend on how many numbers are included in the bet, from 2:1 for selecting just one number (straight up) to 6:1 when selecting five numbers (five-number set). When playing Lightning Roulette, what makes it even more exciting are the lucky payouts: this casino game features lucky numbers which can be randomly reeled during any spin. If you place inside bets on those lucky numbers and manage to hit them, you will receive higher payouts than regular inside bet results – almost 500x your wager! All in all, Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette offers players a fantastic take on classic casino roulette that’s full of opportunities and thrills.

Lightning Roulette Outside Bets

Lightning Roulette has captured the attention of casino game fans. The game blends online versions of the classic roulette game with exciting game-show elements to create a mesmerizing experience, and something special awaits players who venture into its outside bets.

Unlike inside bets which involve guessing specific numbers on the wheel, outside bets in Lightning Roulette have greater winning odds as you guess a more generalised bet space on the layout. Proposed wagers for these include those covering either odds or even numbers, or those that pick low or high digits. On each round, players select how much money they’d like to wager before choosing one of the many areas on the layout: each with its attached winnings and probabilities if they land it right.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette’s outside betting experience stands out from any other type of game due to its unique combination of features that makes any gambling session unforgettable and highly anticipated by everyone who partakes in it!

Lightning Roulette Payouts

Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette creates engaging and fast-paced gameplay with generous payouts. The payouts depend on how much you place in a bet and what type of bet you make. For example, if you were to make a “straight up” bet, or pick a number or group of numbers, then there’s potential for high earnings depending on the odds associated with your chosen number selection. Another interesting concept in Lightning Roulette is “Lucky Numbers” which provide additional multipliers from x50 up to x500 should one hit their lucky numbers: this really ups the game! The winning strategy for maximal payouts combines skill as well as luck. A savvy gambler must study the game grid layout and develop a deep knowledge of probabilities that may help increase their chances of successful outcomes given certain numbers. Additionally, having a keen awareness of the timeframes available for placing bets can also be beneficial when seeking out the highest possible stakes with optimal returns. Ultimately you must weigh your alternatives carefully before diving in headstrong; greater returns always come with more risk, but careful calculation in Lightning Roulette may lead to rewards greater than expected!

Lightning Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other casino roulette title, Lightning Roulette has its weak and strong sides as well. Mainly it is about pros: those marvellous lightning multipliers (additional numbers to bet), autoplay feature with fine RTP (97.30%), and much more… as Saved Bets, Racetrack Bets, broad betting limits between £0.20 – £10,000). This is really enough to catch the attention of a casino roulette player! As for the cons, they are minor indeed, since in Lightning Roulette there are No Called Bets and No Fast Play.

Apparently, there are much stronger advantages so Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming will suit all fans of classic European roulette with a delicious taste of additional betting tricks and curious multipliers for payouts.

Conclusion: Why Play Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette?

So, let’s get to the final point. Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming is a decent casino roulette experience to try, it is worth finding a good casino and starting your own journey of casino roulette! We recommend playing in a UK casino from our top list at the beginning of this article. For instance, roulette is about gambling, so when it comes to betting options and its unique multipliers, Lightning Roulette makes perfect in the domain of casino roulette gaming. With a variety of customization options available and a mobile-friendly interface, Lightning Roulette is a game to play from wherever you like, enjoying your favourite casino roulette experience!


Interested in Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming and want to find out more curious details about this casino roulette title? Well, you are at the correct destination with our FAQ!

Is Lightning Roulette good?

Oh yes, it is. Lightning Roulette is a type of casino game you never become tired of enjoying. With its classical, traditional layout of European roulette, fair RTP rate and additional betting numbers for multiplied payouts: this is a perfect mix for casino gambling. This is why Lightning Roulette has become so popular among casino aficionados across the world; whether it’s played casually or competitively, this game has something for everyone offering the ultimate gaming experience.

What is the Lightning Roulette RTP?

97.30% is the RTP rate for Lightning Roulette made by Evolution Gaming. This means the house edge equals 2.70%, which is a fair price and a fine solution for long- and short-term plays.

What are the best Lightning Roulette online casinos?

For the best experience in Lightning Roulette, see the list of suggested casinos at the beginning of the main article. As well, take a look at such gaming houses as 888 Casino, Grosvenor Casinos, 777 Casino, MrGreen Casino, and LuckLand Casino, their bonuses and roulette title offered.

Is it worth playing Lightning Roulette game with real money?

To be brief, if you already enjoy playing casino roulette for real money, you will find Lightning Roulette an exciting option for daily play. No matter whether you are a beginner at the highway of casino gambling or already a roulette pro player, Lightning Roulette will offer interesting possibilities for real gameplay with multiplied money wins due to the ruleset of this roulette. Keep in mind also that Evolution Gaming is a leader in the field of RNG casino games, gambling titles, live projects and roulette versions. With its immense experience, a perfect casino roulette game to play is guaranteed when you decide to stay in Lightning Roulette.

How to play Lightning Roulette?

At its core, Lightning Roulette is a casino game that combines elements of classic roulette with live game show fun, driving rules and wonderful payouts. To maximize your wins and joy from playing, keep in mind that there are up to five Lucky Numbers in every game round, so you could potentially bank on 30x multipliers or even 50x multipliers per bet when making a correct bet. Do not worry if you are not a pro at playing roulette games; while Lightning Roulette requires some knowledge of basic strategies and rules, it is simple enough to learn as you go. Even if you are new to the game before you know it, you’ll be wheel spinning with ease – and hopefully winning! Therefore, if you haven’t already gotten on board this game yet, the time is now! With its unique blend of casino game and game show adrenaline, Lighting Roulette will have you hooked and racking up the wins before long.

What are the Lightning Roulette payouts?

With its progressive jackpots, streaks of lightning and bursts of action, Lightning Roulette is sure to delight players of all ages. This casino game includes Straight Up bets with a maximum payout of 500x your stake; Split Bets with a minimum payout of 10x and a maximum payout of 30x; Corner bets which start at 5x and go up to 20x; Line Bets which have payouts from 5x- 17x; Column Bets with 3x-12x payouts; Dozens with 2x-12x payouts; Even/Odd Ss 3:2; Red /Black Ss 1:1; High/Low Ss 1:1. Players can also benefit from Lucky Numbers which immediately turn any Straight Up bet into an even new terrain with increased chances to win big – up to 500 times their bet! And finally, there’s no way you won’t leave feeling satisfied – every round comes with an extra multiplayer game feature where you could earn big cash multipliers ranging from 50 to 500 times your total stake! So, head on over to see what exciting game adventure awaits at Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming!

Demo version of the game Lightning Roulette

Yes, here we have an available demo video and the possibility of a free game. Games can be an exciting learning experience and bring out the best in those who enjoy them. Players of casino games like Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming are often on the lookout for a demo version to better understand the game mechanics. And it’s no wonder! A game like this, with its unique game features, needs to be studied to understand all the dynamics that contribute to its charm and potential rewards. A demo version of a game gives everyone, newbie or pro, a free trial before making a real investment – and that is why it’s so useful to study the game prior to actual play. It allows you to get familiar with game rules as well as operations such as placing bets and monitoring payouts in case of winning; players can also assess side bets and gaming features such as stats that might affect their chances of hitting a payout.
The perfect place to find more information about the demo version of Lightning Roulette is through various game-related websites that review new products from the world’s leading casino game providers. There you will not only find more thorough guidelines regarding game mechanics but also solid advice from experienced gamblers. Even better yet – some sites offer special game bonuses in collaboration with other providers which could save you money while playing your favorite game or ones available in casino lobbies only. It has never been easier than now when playing online games where there are extensive support tools and sources already available at our fingertips! Whether you’re eager to jump right into any exciting roulette adventure or just want to avoid potential losses by playing free – understanding how each specific game works could help you make an informed decision and potentially save you some good money ahead – so let’s go ahead!