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Novomatic is a leading software developer of casino equipment for online and mobile RNG games, available on iOS and Android. Most of the casino games by Novomatic are free to access at Google Play Store and Apple Store, so you can test their roulette titles without any money, or, if you like, open a deposit at the casino and enter the real world of e-gambling.

With more than 40 years of experience, Novomatic has multiple awards in several nominations, such as “Leading Employer Austria” and “Casino Supplier of the Year”.

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Novomatic Roulette Games

It is important to note that all roulette games using Novomatic casino software are operated under the licence issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that your gaming experience will be completely safe and unbiased!

Novomatic Roulette Games – Best RNG Games

In fact, Novomatic is a group of companies, and together with one of its subsidiaries – GreenTube – Novomatic developed 9 roulette games for the casino. You may already find a chance to play Vegas Roulette, Roulette Multiball, GreenTube’s Mystery Roulette, X38 Royal Crown European Roulette, and Lux Roulette at a casino online. If not – do this!

Vegas Roulette

Vegas Roulette by Novomatic is an online roulette game that offers high betting limits and a great RTP rate. The game layout is easy to understand, and the specific features make it an exciting game to play. The visual side of the game is also very good, making it an excellent choice for online casino players. However, there are some drawbacks to this roulette game, such as the lack of a chat function and no mobile version. Overall, Vegas Roulette by Novomatic is a great choice for online casino players looking for an exciting and visual roulette experience. If you want to feel the great spirit of Vegas, and taste this unique atmosphere of desire and joy, then Vegas Roulette by Novomatic is a game to try!

Roulette Multiball

Roulette Multiball is a casino roulette by Novomatic. The game has a classic layout with a betting table, a roulette wheel, and a ball. Players can bet on multiple balls which is the key feature of this casino roulette game, making it more challenging and breath-taking. Multiplied balls mean multiplied payouts! Considering wide betting limits, altogether this can bring a player significant wins and unforgettable experiences! Roulette Multiball has a good visuality of clear graphics and animations, though not featuring a live dealer.

GreenTube’s Mystery Roulette X38

Novomatic GreenTube’s Mystery Roulette X38 is a roulette to win, with a plethora of bets available to a gamer in a mysterious setting and immersive gaming atmosphere. All this is affordable due to the high-quality audio and video solutions, which look great on your mobile device and widescreen. This game offers curious betting options and multipliers, so consider playing for a small wager for the first time, test how the game works, and then raise your bet to issue a great win!

Royal Crown European Roulette

Casinos are all about the thrill of gambling, and Novomatic Royal Crown European Roulette provides that with its modern twist on a classic game. With an RTP rate higher than average at 96.23% (and even better if you’re looking to win big), high rollers have no problem winning enough money for their next vacation! The rules themselves follow what most people would expect from such a traditional casino game, so they are pretty simple to grasp. But do not hurry to judge! Royal Crown European Roulette by Novomatic has what to offer for an experienced player: here you can find a cosy interface, clear game layout, the option of an automatic spin, and a history which shows the outcome of several previous turns of the roulette wheel.

No things are perfect under the sun, and this casino roulette game is not an exception. One minus for those who highly estimate the live gaming experience is the absence of a real dealer. Another risk is that new features can confuse newcomers, this is why we suggest you try the free game version, as well as watch the real games in an online casino.

Lux Roulette

Lux Roulette is the perfect game for those who enjoy a touch of luxury in their lives. But don’t be fooled by its good looks – this isn’t just some casual bet! The betting limits will keep you satisfied and eager to return, while also providing enough experience-based knowledge that allows players like yourself an opportunity to hit it big with high stakes. Many different features set Lux Roulette apart from other online casino games; one example might include saving favorite bets onto different tables if you are ready to take higher risks to reach the bigger outcomes.

The flexible betting system in Lux Roulette is a good thing for casino gamers who like to test their betting strategies to deal with the roulette table. We suggest trying both progressive and non-progressive betting strategies since no solution is perfect in a game, where luck is a huge part of success. Whether you prefer Martingale or Reverse Martingale betting system, Lux Roulette by Novomatic is a nice field for honing your mastership!

About the Company: Full Profile

These days Novomatic Group is one of the biggest companies in the field of e-gaming with more than 40 years of experience (launched in 1980). Its creator, Johann Graf, is a big fan of RNG and casino games and the idea of the company is to unite those connoisseurs of gaming in one movement.

This dream was succeeded, and nowadays Novomatic Group operates in 50 countries and gives jobs to more than 30000 people across the world. As for the software and solutions, developed by the company, 70+ countries use them in a daily way. In 2018, Novomatic reached an annual turnover of 5 billion euros, which makes this company a leader of the European market in a variety of entertainment industries, both land-based and online.

Novomatic is a responsible company: all its operation activity is regulated by respective bodies and licensed via mandatory accreditations. For instance, the key independent licensing agency, UKGC, has also approved Novomatic. It is quite representative that the company holds prestigious awards: Leading Employer Austria 2019, Best Recruiters 2017/2018, NESTOR Gold, Leading Companies Austria, GGA’s Supplier of the Year, Casino Supplier of the Year and so forth.

Novomatic is open to partnerships and propositions, the company is focused on expanding its operating area. As a casino software provider for RNG games, Novomatic covers all major titles available in the modern gambling market and seeks innovations. Among other products, casino roulette is a game of high interest, so Novomatic will continue supporting and developing new roulette titles, expanding the current collection to a wide range.

Company name:Novomatic AG
Headquarters:Wiener Strasse 158, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen Austria
Year Founded:1980
AwardsLeading Employer Austria 2019, Best Recruiters 2017/2018, NESTOR Gold, Leading Companies Austria, GGA’s Supplier of the Year, Casino Supplier of the Year
Official Website:
Email:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 1656 658 658
Licence Number:53969
CEOHarald Neumann


What is Novomatic? Why Novomatic? Any questions? See details here.

Is it safe to play Novomatic roulette games?

Since all Novomatic games are tested and licensed, it is completely safe to play them from any supportable platform.

Where can I play Novomatic roulette online?

See the sites for the casino online. A lot of them offer instant play, free apps and other options to enjoy your lovely roulette game.

Do Novomatic Roulettes Have Free Play Mode?

To engage more players and explain to newcomers the essence of roulette, most of the games feature a free-play (demo) mode.

How to play Novomatic?

Plug and play! Jokes. No plugging. Open the site online casino and spin the roulette wheel!

What payment methods can I use to deposit at a Novomatic roulette site?

Most payment methods are accepted, including Debit cards, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and various payment processors.

Are Novomatic Roulette games available on mobile?

Novomatic roulette games are available in mobile versions too.

Is Novomatic a good casino roulette software provider?

Novomatic is a leading casino roulette provider in Europe and one of the best worldwide.