NetEnt Roulette Professional Series Review – Overview & Top Casinos

Roulette Professional Series features realistic graphics and sound effects, ensuring a casino gaming experience unlike any other roulette game out there. The rules are like traditional roulette, but the executive VIP table offers high rollers the chance to dive even deeper into the casino experience with higher betting limits of up to £65,000 and a slower spin speed that adds to the suspense. When it comes to payments, you don’t have to worry as deposits and withdrawals with online payment providers like PayPal and Skrill are accepted and secure.

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Roulette Professional Series Review Summary

Roulette Professional Series from NetEnt is a casino game that combines the classic spinning wheel of luck with cutting-edge 3D graphics and animation. The entire layout of the table is professional and sleek prior to a bet being placed – but once the bets are down, things become even more exciting. Roulette Professional Series has 37 pockets to bet and one zero, with no En Prison and La Partage rules and a fixed camera angle to observe the game. Instead, there is a racetrack for neighbour bets, and with casino ambience music plus realistic audio effects every time the ball bounces off the side of the wheel and you can almost feel it travelling around in your hand as if you were really at a casino. Colorful lights at the sides of the Roulette Professional Series’ betting panel provide an accent to the action meanwhile an optical device tracks exactly where the ball lands. All these details contribute together to make this casino game experience feel more authentic than ever before. In all, no matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or new to casino games such as roulette, the Roullete Professional Series from NetEnt offers a real challenge and great rewards for successful players with a range of betting limits from £0.10 to £65,000. You will select your bet limits at the beginning of the game and enter one of the casino roulette zones for different rollers: Low and Standard plus High and VIP respectively. The maximum bet grows up step by step, starting at £50 and growing to £65,000 for the VIP level.

Roulette Professional Series bet types

Roulette Professional Series from NetEnt features custom betting options, in addition to the typical standard bets omnipresent in a classical game of casino roulette. We will cover Inside and Outside bets in the sections below, but what makes Roulette Professional Series unique among its casino roulette counterparts is that this game has so-called “neighbor bets” which cover a certain zone or a preferred number when you choose this option at the game menu. There are such bets as Finales en Plain and Finales Cheval bets, with regular payouts and odds.

In the Roulette Professional Series casino game, a player has an access to various detailed statistics on a special billboard which shows results from the previous 500 betting rounds, including data on hot and cold numbers, Odd and Even or Red and Black percentages of share and so forth. There is also an autoplay function which allows doing 1000 bets consequently with paying lesser attention to the roulette wheel spinning.

Roulette Professional Series Inside Bets

The inside bets in Roulette Professional Series vary in their payouts from 17:1 to 35:1 and are presented by Straight Up, Split, Three Line, Corner, and Six Line bets, which is typical for most European casino roulette titles. In an inside bet game players pick a single number or groups of numbers, like five consecutive numbers; the smaller the group of numbers, the higher their possible winnings. At first glance Roulette Professional Series appears complicated, however, with practice and enough patience any average player is able to understand how to play this thrilling casino roulette game. Depending on the type of game, your odds for an attractive payout could be up to 1:35. These game-specific strategies when applied can work wonders in increasing the likelihood of winning big! For those looking for more aggressive gameplay, Inside Bets is where the highest payout odds lie – but the risk involved is proportionately high as well. So make sure that if you are placing an inside bet, there’s enough room in your budget to absorb potential losses.

Although playing Roulette Professional Series from NetEnt does not guarantee better odds than playing other casino roulette games, it does offer a unique experience incorporating gambling with skill and intuition. Roulette Professional Series features cutting-edge design and graphics that add further enjoyment to the casino roulette game. The control panel of the game allows for quick navigation, enabling players to focus on their strategies rather than dealing with confusing options or betting controls. Roulette Professional Series has enabled casino goers all over the world to enjoy an authentic roulette experience without having to leave the comfort of their homes or enjoy their favourite casino roulette game on the go.

Roulette Professional Series Outside Bets

With NetEnt Roulette Professional Series casino game, you can have a fun time at the online casino while enjoying the thrill of choosing between Inside and Outside bets. Outside bets offer players a 50:50 chance of winning, which makes it one of the least risky ways to bet in a roulette game. The payouts in Roulette Professional Series are 1:1 for High/Low, Red/Black and Even/Odd, and 2:1 for Dozen and Left/Middle/Right. There are various types of outside bets that you can place – from Red and Black to Even/Odd and Columns Bet.

Roulette Professional Series Payouts

Knowing the odds and payouts in Roulette Professional Series is an imperative step to getting ahead in a game of casino roulette. Fortunately, it can be a lot of fun too! Understanding how these numbers work can help players make more informed decisions and increase their chances of success when playing this game. The best way to maintain your edge while playing NetEnt Roulette Professional Series is to never make any assumptions based on feeling or intuition. Rather than relying on hunches or guesses, do your homework and review the game’s odds, payouts, rules and strategies. This means studying up on the different kinds of bets they offer such as straight up, splits and corners that can give you the greatest chance of winning; being well-versed in in-game rules like how many spaces are available for betting; and determining the fairness of those payouts before putting any money down. In addition to becoming knowledgeable about game features, consider making some strategic bets that may potentially cover more areas with smaller stakes in order to maximize potential returns. The Martingale system is one popular tactic that strategically doubles bets after losses until a win occurs that acts as a buffer for losses caused by bad luck. Other game-specific tricks to bear in mind include taking advantage of bonuses offered by casinos, such as no deposit bonuses which can provide an excellent opportunity to test play without risking capital.

When it comes to mastering NetEnt Roulette Professional Series, knowledge is power! Take some time out and get fully comfortable with this game’s unique odds, payouts and betting strategies: it could easily result in higher earnings at the casino in the long run. With the right tools under your belt, you will increase your chances not just of winning money in the Roulette Professional Series but also having a blast doing so!

Roulette Professional Series Advantages and Disadvantages

When choosing a game of casino roulette, NetEnt Roulette Professional Series provide both advantages and disadvantages you should consider. NetEnt Roulette Professional Series offers enhanced gameplay, providing game enthusiasts with the most realistic experience possible when playing at home or in a casino with the broadest range of betting limits. On the flip side, heightened game realism and features also mean there can be a higher cost associated with NetEnt Roulette Professional Series than more basic game options. To summarize, the cons are the game’s complexity and no saved bets, the pros are much more: it is classic gameplay with advanced betting options and limits, a highly customizable casino roulette game with the feature of Quick Spin and Autoplay.

Conclusion: Why Play NetEnt Roulette Professional Series?

When it comes to a game of chance, NetEnt Roulette Professional Series is one of the best ways to go for casino players looking for an immersive game experience. From the high-quality design and graphics to the smooth animations, the Roulette Professional Series game seemingly transports you into a luxurious casino setting. The game utilizes professional physics technology that gives it a realistic board design and a true-to-life wheel movement resulting in consistently random gameplay. And if that weren’t enough, you can place neighbours bets, a pop-up help section, customisable table limits, and racetrack bets not to mention the game’s multi-layered wireless audio enhancements. In short, NetEnt Roulette Professional Series is a highly interactive casino game as well as extremely reliable and secure. Unquestionably, playing Netent Roulette Professional Series will give any player an enjoyable and memorable game experience every time – which makes this game a must-play when it comes to online casino entertainment!


NetEnt Roulette Professional Series is a casino roulette game for professional players. But if you are a newcomer, could it satisfy your expectations? The answers you will find in our FAQ section for the game.

What is the minimum bet on Roulette Professional Series?

Although Roulette Professional Series is known mainly for its betting maximum, in fact, low-rollers will be very happy too, since the minimum wager equals £0.10 for a spin and you still can enjoy your favorite casino roulette game experience without not worrying about huge risks while in Roulette Professional Series.

How to check the honesty of the NetEnt Roulette Professional Series online casino game?

There is no better game for testing the fairness of an online casino than the NetEnt Roulette Professional Series. It has been around for years and continues to be a favorite game in the digital gambling landscape. When you play this casino roulette game, you need to remain vigilant as you can check its honesty quite easily. Firstly, it provides secure entry through a user identification code to make sure that only authorized players are allowed to enter. Secondly, the game also uses Random Number Generators (RNGs) that generate numbers randomly without any external intervention – making sure it’s impossible to game the system or cheat players out of their winnings. Finally, NetEnt Roulette Professional Series clearly states its payout rates so that you know exactly what kind of casino roulette game you are playing. All these features reward customers with an enjoyable gaming experience where they can rely on fair outcomes every time, they play a Roulette Professional Series casino game!

Does Roulette Professional Series have an autoplay?

Roulette Professional Series is one of the most popular game choices in the casino these days. It offers players an exciting roulette game experience that can be played with just a few clicks, giving people that classic game feeling without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. As with most game options at the casino, Roulette Professional Series also includes a helpful autoplay feature. Autoplay is a great thing for those who are looking for a smooth and easy gaming experience, as it allows players to set their game up on autopilot and enjoy playing without having to manually adjust their chips or spin the wheel after each round. Some players like this feature in Roulette Professional Series because it allows them to be less focused on keeping track of how their game is going while they play, and instead spend more time just enjoying themselves. Furthermore, those who make use of autoplay have found it can save time by allowing them to jump right into a game rather than having to wait around between rounds. Although there are some pros to using autoplay in Roulette Professional Series, there are also cons: some players may find that using autoplay often does not allow them as much control over their game as if they were playing manually. This could mean that they miss out on important strategies or betting patterns in Roulette Professional Series which would otherwise help improve their chances of winning at the casino overall. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player whether they want to make use of autoplay or prefer manual play when enjoying Roulette Professional Series from NetEnt: either way this casino roulette game remains both thrilling and rewarding!

Demo version of the game Roulette Professional Series

Roulette Professional Series, a game launched by NetEnt, is the perfect choice for both new and experienced casino roulette players. It was carefully designed to be as close to a real-life game experience as possible while giving the convenience of playing from home. Roulette Professional Series comes with a demo version which allows curious newcomers to try out all game features and rules before betting any real money. Many people may feel intimidated when entering a virtual casino game, but the smooth interface of the Roulette Professional Series provides an easy way for anyone to learn how to play without investing much time or money in it. Experienced players on the other hand will enjoy the realistic wheel physics and table layout while they hone their skills in an environment that feels like an authentic casino game. Regardless of whether you are new or proficient with roulette games, Roulette Professional Series from NetEnt is a great casino game that fits your needs.

What are the Roulette Professional Series payouts?

Roulette Professional Series offers players a classic game of casino roulette wherein they can bet on singles, splits, corners, streets, columns and even groups! With these betting options combined with some good luck, you could find yourself winning significant amounts of money! All payouts for Roulette Professional Series depend on what type of bet you’re placing as relatively safe bets such as odds/evens will have a lower payout rate than something riskier such as a single number or split which has high chances for a large payout if successful. Depending on your game selection, you might get odds of up to 35:1 when betting on single numbers, or 27:1 when betting on three numbers. Additional bets also offer their own set of lucrative winning chances – such as odd/even and red/black with 1:1 odds – and if you like your risk, there are many bet options that offer better odds than conventional roulette games. So, while it may not be easy to beat the house in a casino game of chance overall, Roulette Professional Series puts players in control of making informed and strategic choices which should help them get closer to walking away from the table a winner!

How to play Roulette Professional Series?

Have you ever wanted to play casino roulette like a pro? Roulette Professional Series is your game! In fact, Roulette Professional Series offers all the exciting elements of play at a real casino and is designed in European style with a single zero game and offers different types of bets. It also has an intuitive user interface and advanced graphics which will take the game-playing experience to another level. You can get information about previous winning numbers, hot and cold numbers, chips for each bet and more! All this combined make Roulette Professional Series the perfect casino roulette game for all levels of players, from beginners to pros.

Is it worth playing Roulette Professional Series game with real money?

Roulette Professional Series is an exciting casino roulette game, and it can be even more thrilling when you play with real money. Although some players may be tempted to try their luck with virtual game chips, nothing quite compares to playing with real money as there are added risks and rewards that don’t come with using game chips. What makes playing the Roulette Professional Series game with real money even more entertaining is the potential for much higher wins since stakes can be increased incrementally. Play smart, use strategies, and know your limits for higher chances of success when you put your money on the line. While winning isn’t guaranteed, it can certainly be worth taking a gamble on the Roulette Professional Series game if you’re looking for some exciting action in a casino.